Today has not been my best day to say the least. It started off badly and didn’t get any better. It was one of those days where things just go wrong and get progressively worse.

Something about today just didn’t feel right either. We really need to start trusting in our gut instincts more!

Why are Monday’s generally so bad? What’s with the whole stigma surrounding Monday’s?

So I wake up, only to find I haven’t got any clean clothes for work, so already I’m irritable. It’s misty and overcast and I’m feeling tired, yet I press on, determined that I’ll be able to make something of this day, despite wearing something I’m not particularly fond of and not in the mood for today in any case, because I’ve recently resigned from the company I’m currently working for and completing the last 2 weeks of having to work here…. Anyways, the people at the current company treat you like the plague once you resign, deliberately ignoring you and giving you these dirty looks. It’s not pleasant and really makes coming to work a drag….

Getting back to the story…. So I press on, determined to make today go better. I get told I have to go see a client and I’m all too happy to get out of the office a bit. En-route to the client, driving along a gravel road, a plank driving his bakkie comes head-on and is seriously moving down this ground road…. I try to move out-of-the-way a bit, because typically, the part of the road that’s less gravel-like and more compact and hard is slightly over to the middle of the road and this guy is coming straight at me, I try to get out-of-the-way and end up losing control of the car and it ends in an accident. Feeling utterly s**t, I get hold of the office to let them know what happened… Did I mention I was driving a company car?…. this does little for the already hostile circumstances at the office…

Long story short I’m back at the office and the dirty looks and treatment from certain “colleagues” is even worse. I ignore them, really not in the mood for their nonsense and carry on with the vehicle accident report process.

During all this, the shoes I’m wearing(one of my new pairs) decides to tear… Seriously… I’m quite fussy when it comes to finding shoes, so when something like my shoe tearing from its sole happens, I’m no very Impressed to say the least!

…Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself…

It all got me wondering and trying to find a link between why we don’t like Monday’s in particular and why things end up going wrong and not working out on a Monday. I figured that it’s linked to where we are and what we’re doing.

It’s because either we, in this case, me… We don’t enjoy what we’re doing for work or where it is we’re doing this and so we’re not giving it out “all”. Think about it for a sec. If you’re doing something because you have to and not because you want to, things tend to either go wrong or you get it done, but things don’t go smoothly. If we’re doing it because we want to and we’re enjoying it, well then it’s a whole different board game and Things seem to go so much better.

What are we doing when we’re at work? We’re selling our soul for some Income to spend over the weekends. We have to enjoy what we do otherwise selling our soul for that pay-check at the end of the month isn’t worth it. Yes the money is often better for something we don’t enjoy as much, but is it always worth sacrificing your happiness? Think about Marshall from How I Met Your Mother… He’s working as a lawyer, but not in the side of the industry he wanted to be in, and if you’ve watched season 6, you’ll see he’s not really happy. Yes, I know it’s a TV series, but it’s pretty similar to situations many of us face in life anyways!

More and more I feel I need to get away! You know that feeling when you’ve been on holiday for long enough and just want to get back home? That’s how I feel now! I’ve got 2 weeks left and I’m going back “home”… I really cannot wait! But typically karma or whatever it is, won’t allow the time to feel like it’s passing quickly like the last few months have. I’ve had enough of where I am and what I’m doing at the moment and I want and need to be back where I feel comfortable and where I perform at my best. I’ll find something I enjoy that makes that money in the bank all the more worth while.

Do it for the love of it!

Always remember, you gotta risk it for the biscuit!

Signing out.


    • Irene
    • June 13th, 2011

    All I can say is hold on! The end of that miserable place is near! And at least you didnt get hurt in the accident right? So maybe things could have been worse. Anyway, nice post! lets hope Moandays (yes Moan days) get better from here on!

    take care!
    Your sis, Irene

    • Fortunately I didn’t get hurt! Time is short and going by, but like I said… Typically it is taking forever.

      Let’s hope my future posts can be a bit more interesting! 🙂

      Chat soon sis:-D

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