Remembering the Good Old Days

Over the past few months, I have moved away from the place I felt “at home” in to a completely new city and subsequently back “home.” During this time, throughout the process of moving away and moving back, there has been times when you sit and think back to the good times you spent with friends and family. thinking about these memories sometimes bring happiness and others sometimes bring some sadness, but more often than not as a result of these memories, it’s made us the people we are today, for the better or the worse.

Sometimes you won’t even purposely be thinking about specific memories, but the get triggered as a result of a song, watching a movie or smelling a specific perfume/cologne. Sometimes these unforced flashbacks to times of the past bring out the most awkward, yet strangely satisfying laugh or grin to a persons face.

With all the moving away and meeting new people, I often heard about many good memories friends shared and stories they could tell of the things they got up to when they were younger or even things they did more recently. Watching their facial expressions change while relating the story was quite an experience. Seeing the way some of them could animate their faces was quite interesting, but then again, they must have felt the same when they listened to the stories of the good and bad memories I had about times back “home”… Many times after telling them about how one of my best friends and I would get up to mischief or when we would climb up onto his house’s roof and throw eggs or lemons at the people who happened to walk by, I would send him a text and see how he’s doing or call the guy. Other times after relating a story about a girl you liked and how things didn’t work out, talking about it a year or so down the line with these newly found friends makes you realise it’s maybe just as well that things didn’t work out. You can’t help but think “I wonder how things would have turned out if….”

Moving back home and seeing all these old friends again and speaking about the same memories with them brings out many other stories of things we did together of things we may have forgotten. Some reminiscing of these times is always fun. Okay maybe not always, especially when the you think about some events or things you want to forget, but for the most part, chatting about the time we washed out the dustbin’s on rubbish collection day and hid inside them, only to give the people a fright who came to dig inside them, or causing minor havoc down the street or even the time we played “donker kammertjie” and a mutual friend ended up walking directly into my mates’ sister and grabbed her boobs, blaming the room being all dark for the ‘accident’…. Hahaha… Ah yeah, good times.

Out of all the story telling and listening to stories told by friends, I came to realise that we really need to keep in mind and Remember the Good Old Days. It’s not just there for a rainy day when you’re feeling low and think about the fun you had in the past, but also for the times when you’re stuck in traffic and that song you danced to with friends of your cousin from London were visiting starts playing on the radio. Or when you walk past a girl in a shopping centre and she wears a perfume that reminds you of a girl you once knew (or still do)… Or for the times you go see a friend and you think about the funny things you used to do and say.

Keep these memories close, because they the ones that often ones that keep us sane when we’re feeling down, even though we might start smiling for no apparent reason to onlookers, it’s the what you’re thinking about that matters.

Some of those memories you’re thinking of now… Yes that one when you slipped and fell in front of a crowd, or the time someone made you laugh so much, what you were drinking came out your nose(Gross I know, but it happens)… Give the people involved in those Good Old Times a call and say “Hi”… Make plans to get together again, and make more memories and reminisce about times in the past.

Signing off.

Always remember, give a jackass an education and you get a smartass.


  1. August 29th, 2011

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