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Try Something New


Nearing the end of the year I look back on the year that’s passed and think about some of the highlights of the year and some of the things you hoped you’d forget, I found myself looking for some kind of “outlet” to keep myself busy and entertained. Not wanting to overdo things with certain friendships and find new ones that find that share similar likes too, I began to expand my  circle of friends, often contacting and re-establishing past friendships to find things I enjoy… It was during this that I took up a couple new hobbies, if you want to call it that…

Well, it started just before I moved to Cape Town when I joined some friends to the local cable ski where I was first introduced to wakeboarding behind a cable and not a boat. Not knowing what to expect, I gave it a try. Failing rather miserably, I  was determined to keep at it and get it right… It took a couple “launches” to get going, but get it right, I did! Managing only to make it down the first straight I started to get the hang of it.

Then about a month later I moved to Cape Town and wasn’t able to wakeboard again, because  I don’t have my own board and gear. Fortunately, 6 months later I moved Back to Gauteng and after a few weeks I joined up with my wakeboarding buddy and started again. Only getting to go wakeboarding a few times since I’ve been back I’ve made the decision to take up the sport more actively and am starting the process to get my own board and gear… You can’t sponge off people for too long, and I want my own stuff, you know how it goes.

Wakeboarding has given me the opportunity to find something to do, something other than lounging at home and being lazy, while being physically active and giving me the chance to often just clear my head. It’s something to do where you can meet more people and make some new friends too. If they at the wake park, they clearly going to like something you do. watching and learning from some of the more experienced guys also helps you meet others whose common interests and likeness are even closer to your own, starting with small things like how you ride(left or right foot forward), riding style and more. Although I still haven’t made it completely around, my goal: make it completely around and improve my riding skill is driven by my determination and being there virtually every weekend for the past 2 months or so.

Not all of us are into taking up something like wakeboarding and often also need to find another outlet or medium of clearing their head. Everyone needs something like this when they have a lot on their minds… Expanding your circle of friends helps as you can find others whose interests and likes you share. Not everyone wants something physically demanding like the wakeboarding, and that is where my Blogging came in. I may not be an active “blogger” like many others out there, but I use my blog to sit down and think… Often giving me the chance to think about things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise and put those thought to paper, so to speak.

I sometimes wish I had the creativity to keep my blog updated more regularly like many other people do, as it’s often quite interesting to read and notice how they think and reason. However I like to do a little it of everything and that is why I try things less physically demanding like a bit of the blogging, as well as something more physically demanding like wakeboarding and trying to gym as often as possible…

It may not be quite at its end, but the year is almost up and it’s time to take out the old and be in with the new… Sometimes a little self-reflection is all you need to get a clearer perspective on where you want to be and how you plan on getting to that point. If you have a moment to spare, I highly recommend this… Take a few minutes and think to yourself “What is there that I can give a try”… If everyone does and has something interesting they do in their spare time like wakeboarding, cycling, rock climbing or whatever, the world will definitely be a lot less dull and so will your friends. With over the 7 billion mark, it can get rather dull if people just stick to the usual mundane things.

Go out, find something new and exciting to do. It doesn’t have to be drastic, just something exciting and tell the people you know to do it also.

With that in mind…

Always remember, give a jackass an education and you’ll have a smartass!

Signing out.


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