An Apple A Day, Might Mean You Need Some Help!

I’ve been helping a few people recently with their Apple device and as a result, this morning, I decided to start a section to my blog dealing specifically with helping people with the issues that they may come across when using their iPhone’s, iPad’s or even in iTunes.

I guess it all started back in the Summer of ’69. No no, that’s a joke. It started about 2 years ago when I bought myself my first Apple product. The phone 32GB 3GS. The original plan was that I wanted to go overseas to the UK and while I was there, I would buy myself a new phone. So I started researching the options and phones available on the market. My dad, dear old dad, often sitting next to me and supposed to be working while I researched the idea, would look over my shoulder to see what I was up to. I noticed his curiosity and started showing him the features and specs of the iPhone at the time.

Well, my plans to go over and visit the family in the UK fell flat, but I still wanted to get myself an iPhone. Looking around then at local shops in the Gauteng area and realising the price of the phone, I got a bit despondent. Fear not though, because I had myself a part-time job at Toys ‘R Us(being in school still at the time) in their electronics department, selling Playstations, Wii consoles, games, DVD’s and the rest, I saved up for the year and by November I could buy the phone. This is where the useless info about my dad checking out the phone comes in. See, what happened was… My research and showing him the iPhone impressed him to the point that he too wanted an iPhone. So he bought himself one too, identical to the one I got.

Being interested in all things geek… Well, almost all things, and loving technology and advances therein, I was fascinated by new iPhone and was quick to find little tips and trick when using the iPhone and iTunes. See, now my dad (also being a guy interested in the technology side of things) learnt many things too, but he would often ask for my help when. This meant I would often help him with sorting out some issues on his iPhone or iTunes, showing him some of the things I had learnt, but not everything 😛 You’ve got to keep some things for yourself, to keep others intrigued…

All was well for a while until my dad got his new iPhone 4 and gave his 3GS to my mum. Fortunately for me, helping my mom meant teaching her the basics. Then came my little brother’s iPod Touch. Now this kid just learns things straight away from watching you, so you’ve got to watch what you how him sometimes… It wasn’t long after that, when my dad got his iPad. This meant getting to fiddle on it and learn some tips and tricks on there too. Obviously it also meant teaching my old man how some of the stuff was done.

At this point, it’s important to note that we are now a family of Apple users and really love the products. My dad raves about them to all his colleagues and the family also notice the things we do on them. This meant that a few family members got themselves Apple iSomethings too and, my dad being my dad, mentioned how I would always help him with his issues. This didn’t include family members and colleagues of his that I may know, but those from within the company he works for too. See the thing is my dad will tell the people about the things they can do or need to get or something, which is all good and well, but the issue comes in most of the time when they ask him how to do the things he’s said. That’s when my contact details exchanges address books and I get calls asking for help.

Lately I would receive phone calls with the opening line “Hi. Is this Glynn?… I got your number from your father, he said you can help me with my iPhone/iPad/iTunes.” Pity I don’t know which of the lady callers, calling me are attractive and can tell them to hold onto my number or call me to just chat again. No no, I make joke… So I’ve been helping a few people lately and this meant repeating myself often to the different people. I really don’t mind helping people, I actually quite enjoy helping people around me when I know how…

So, it’s because of this that I decided to start a new blog, apart from this blog, where I will do my best to help others with issues and whatnot with their Apple iDevices, through my experiences and things I’ve learnt over time. As of earlier today, the page “How To Work My Apple Device” has gone up and I will start with something basic for my first article.

I believe that the page could help a few people and possibly give me the chance to impart some of my knowledge along the way. This is something new for me and I’m looking forward to this little adventure on the interwebs. I invite you to join me on the ride, but also to let me know if there are issues you may have with you Apple products, so I can see where I can help with.

Always remember, give a jackass an education and you’ll have a smartass!

Signing out.


  1. Loved this blog, getting an iPad this weekend, so will def use your new blog for advice and new tricks and tips 🙂 Thank you!

    • I’m glad you liked it! I’ve started a new blog specifically for the helping. I don’t want to break the “flow” of my personal blog, you know?
      So the blog has relocated to

      I will help you with pleasure with the setup and whatnot 🙂 You’ve got me on Twitter, so if you need anything DM/Tweet me, ok? 🙂

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