About Me

This is my official blog. I’m Glynn Ryan Pearson, also known as @GlynnRyan on Twitter and other social media networks. I’m a self-proclaimed hero to those in need and defenseless. Stunt double to Iron Man in my spare time, great whistler, laugher & listener. Nautral people’s person and sales guy by day, web developer, freelance music journalist & blogger by night and spare time.

No I don’t wear my underpants over my tights, that’s the old style… I’m more of the undercover hero type, trying not to let too many people in on my skills 😛

I don’t have any special degrees and I’m nobody significantly important. I’m the kinda guy whose always there to help and has something to add and say. I’d classify myself as an “”all-rounder” as my interests in facets of life can often vary from one extreme to the other. I’m also rather observant, but more often than not, I choose to keep the things I notice to myself. Where’s the fun in letting everyone know everything? We have to keep some things to ourselves and let others figure it out on their own! It just makes life more interesting…

I like to try new things and try my best everything I do, and this blog is exactly that. It’s all about my views, opinions and airing my views on things I notice and find interesting. I firmly believe that you will always be successful in whatever you do, if you are doing what you love.

I’m always open to suggestions and new ideas, so if you’re reading this and my blog and have an idea or comment, please leave a comment and let me know what you think, even if you want to give compliments, those are always welcome! Just kidding…

I hope you find my blog interesting and the experience with me.


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